Professional Coaching and Consulting Services, LLC professional coaching, information security and business continuity



  • Consulting Services, CISM, CBC


  • Information Security (INFOSEC) Services

    • Perform work as an Independent Contractor involving ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information systems are maintained, properly documented and fully tested. Services to include but not limited to: Performing continuous monitoring and risk management activities, Evaluate audit logs and report anomalies/events for further research, Manage the Plans of Action and Milestones (POA&M) and facilitate creation/remediation/mitigation/closure, Contribute to the development and maintenance of the Security Authrization (SA) documentation, Interact with business stakeholders about system risks and mission needs, Facilitate the tracking of role-based training for users with significant security responsibility, Disseminate IT security awareness information to the user community, Report and follow up on IT security incidents within the user community, Evaluate change requests for assigned networks and systems for security impact and provide recommendations, Provide security requirements throughout the systems development lifecycle, including acquisition activities.
    • IT Technology Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery Services
      • Work with the client to develop Business continuity plans to respond to a disruption of critical business processes referencing Contingency plans for restoration of critical systems. Create Business Impact Analysis evaluating the criticality and sensitivity of information assets and prioritizing the recovery of processes and supporting systems. The development of Disaster Recovery Plans consisting of a set of human, physical, technical and procedural resources to recover a system within a defined timeframe after an activity interruption by an emergency or disaster.